Glossary of Events

Audubon Center of the North
Emerson 5th grade students to take an overnight trip to this nature learning center where they experience the ‘great outdoors’ in a safe and nurturing environment.
Cost per student: ~$125.00 (includes: lodging, food, transportation). The PTA provides $3000 or sends 24 children.
  Audubon Center of the North
Emerson 5th grado estudiantes toman un paseo de noche en la naturaleza donde puede disfrutar de la naturaleza en un lugar seguro.
Gasto por estudiante: ~$125.00 (incluye: lodging, comida y transportación).. El PTA ofrece $3000 or manda 24 estudiantes.
Holiday Shoppe
Gives our kids the opportunity to ‘buy’ presents for their friends and family. The PTA gather’s donated and purchased items throughout the year. In December the shop is setup in the gym and each class is brought through so the children can shop! Each child is given 4 snowmen ($2) to use as currency.
  Holiday Shoppe
Le da la oportunidad a estudiantes que “compren” regalos para familiares El PTA agarra cosas donadas y compra cuando necesario. El diciembre, hacemos tienda en el gimnasio y cada case viene a comprar.
Field Day
Emerson faculty and volunteers plan outside activities and competitions for students in Loring Park. The PTA provides T-Shirts and volunteers to assists in the day’s activities.
  Field Day
Emerson empleados y voluntarios planean actividades afuera con competencias en el parque Loring. PTA ofrece camisas y voluntarios.
La Posada family fun night
This is a school sponsored event to bring all students and their families together for food and fun!
The PTA supports this event by providing $300 to the faculty to use as needed.
  La Posada noche familiar
Este es un evento de la escuela que reúne estudiantes y familia para desfrutar de comida y bebidas. PTA ayuda con $300 para usar..
I Love to Read! month
This is a month long contest to encourage our children to read books. There are prizes for the individuals and classrooms that read the most. The PTA leads this event and provides $500 for flyers, decorations and prizes (usually a popcorn party)
  Mes de “Me gustar leer”
Esto es todo un mes de concursos y eventos para animar a los ninos que lean. Hay premios para ciertos grupos/ El PTA ofrece y gasta $500 para premios, decoraciones y folletos.
Welcome Back lunch
PTA provides a lunch for the faculty at Emerson in August on the day of the open house
  Welcome Back lunch
PTA ofrece comida para empleados de Emerson en Agosto.
Teacher/Staff Stipend
Grants to teachers & staff for misc school related items & activities. The PTA provides up to $3000 for the year, $100 cap to teachers, $50 cap to supporting staff.
  Teacher/Staff Stipend
Becas para maestros para materias necesitadas para la educación o actividades. El PTA ofrece hast $3000 al año con $100 para maestros y $50 para otros empleados.
Teacher/Faculty Appreciation
PTA leads this event and provides a thank you lunch for teachers and support staff. PTA supports this event by providing $750 and volunteers.
  Teacher/Faculty Appreciation
El PTA coordina un evento y almuerzo de gratitud para emplease de la escuela. El PTA ayuda con $750 y voluntarios.
La Noche carnival
This is the Emerson carnival lead by the PTA to raise money by selling tickets for games, raffles and putting together a silent auction.

We also partner with the Puerto Rico group who sell food and Emerson Spirit wear to support the 5th graders and staff that plan on going to Puerto Rico.
  La Noche carnival
Una Carnival por parte del PTA para recaudar fondos con rifas, boletas de entrada y aucion silenciosa.

Trabajamos con el grupo de Puerto RIco que venden comida para apoyar a los estudiantes yendo a este paseo.
School Store
The PTA purchases items to be sold to our students every Friday morning from 6:45 - 7:25. Students are allowed to spend up to $5 at this store weekly.
  La Tienda
El PTA compra cositas que se venden el la tienda cada viernes. Estudiantes pueden gastar $5 cada semana.
Emerson Community Clean-up
On the third Thursday of the month volunteers will be picking up trash around the Emerson neighborhood.
  Limpieza de la comunidad
Cada tercer Jueves del mes, voluntarios limpian la basura alrededor de la escuela.