Emerson PTA

Welcome Back!

Please join us at the first PTA meeting on September 12th at 4PM in the Media Center

Why come to a PTA meeting?

  • Meet other parents
  • Be the first to hear about the latest school news and about upcoming events
  • Learn how your child benefits from the work of the Emerson PTA
  • Learn how you can volunteer your time to positively impact the students at Emerson SILC

Other Meeting Dates: 

  • September 12th at 4PM in Media Center
  • October 3rd at 5 PM in the Media Center
  • November 7th at 5 PM in the Media Center
  • December 5th at 5 PM in the Media Center
  • January 9th at 5 PM in the Media Center
  • February 6th at 5 PM in the Media Center
  • March 6th at 5 PM in the Media Center
  • April 10th at 5 PM in the Media Center
  • May 8th at 5 PM in the Media Center
  • June 5th at 5 PM in the Media Center

Upcoming Events & Meetings

August 24th - 1 PM PTA Sponsored Welcome Back lunch for Teachers and Staff

August 24th - 3 PM School event - Welcome Back event for partents and kids.  The PTA will provide freeze pops!

September 12th - First PTA Meeting

Click here to see explanation of events




  • 3rd & 4th Graders -   Save your $$$ for Puerto Rico 2019. Contact emersonprtrip@gmail.com for more information on fundraising opportunities for your child.


  • Wear your Emerson Spirit wear every Friday!


What is the PTA?

¿Qué es el Emerson PTA?

How can I join?

¿ Cómo puedo participar?

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Para contactar con el PTA * Contact us via email


What is the Emerson PTA?
Our PTA holds activities and events to raise money to support and enrich our children’s education as well as build community spirit at Emerson. One of the best things about working with the PTA is helping to build relationships with other parents and getting to know how the school system works. The more input from parents the better decisions can be made to enhance our school.
As a member of PTA you will have the opportunity to:
  • Make a positive difference in your child’s future and the future of all children
  • Have input in decisions about where to spend the money we raise
  • Strengthen the family-school relationship
  • Network with other parents
How can I join?
As a member of the National and MN PTA Associations, we are required to collect annual dues of $6.25 per member. While we encourage anyone to come to the meetings and participate in discussions, only paying members are able to vote on decisions.

Contact the PTA: emersonsilcpta@gmail.com

Nuestro PTA programa actividades y eventos para obtener dinero para apoyar y enriquecer la educación de nuestros niños así como construir un espíritu de comunidad en Emerson. Una de las mejores cosas acerca de trabajar con el PTA es ayuda en hacer amistades con otros padres y aprender cómo trabaja el sistema escolar. Si los padres dan más apoyo, mejores decisiones pueden ser hechas para nuestra escuela.
Como miembro del PTA usted tendrá la oportunidad de:
  • Hacer una diferencia positiva para el futuro de su hijo(a) y para el futuro de todos los niños.
  • Tener participar en las decisiones sobre dónde invertir el dinero que recaudemos
  • Fortalecer las relaciones entre la familia y la escuela.
  • Ponerse en contacto con otros padres de familia.
¿Cómo puedo participar?
Como miembro de las Asociaciones Nacionales y PTA MN, estamos obligados a cobrar cuotas anuales de $6.25 por miembro. Si bien alentamos a nadie a venir a las reuniones y participar en los debates, sólo los miembros que pagan tienen derecho a voto en las decisiones.

Para contactar con el PTA: emersonsilcpta@gmail.com